Renovation and remodeling are essential for homeowners and property managers alike to maintain and enhance the financial value and curb appeal of any structure. Whether you’re in need of a complete building renovation or you require remodeling or repairs to specific rooms, Pinnacle Services delivers cost effective solutions that exceed your budget expectations and provides the impressive craftsmanship you would come to expect from professional renovators.

Commercial & Multifamily Building Renovations

At Pinnacle Services, we understand that commercial and multifamily building renovations demand special requirements and require an expert’s touch. We approach projects of this nature in a calculated and efficient method to ensure that your property’s unique renovation needs are addressed effectively and at the minimum cost possible. We know that commercial and multifamily buildings can be more susceptible to wear and tear, and the trained experts at Pinnacle Services are prepared to provide top quality and long lasting renovation solutions. Our goal is to guarantee your project goals are achieved within your budget!

Property Repositioning & Repurposing Services

If you’re ready to transform your building to fit the needs of an evolving market, look no further than the trained professionals at Pinnacle Services. Whether you’re completely reinventing your building to house a different number of occupants or you’re looking to perform some major upgrades to your property, Pinnacle can help.

We’re your one-stop solution for any building repurposing needs involving extensive work with drywall, framing walls, molding, flooring, water & electric utilities and so much more. We promise to provide you with an honest, reliable, fast, and affordable solution to all of your structure repositioning needs.

Emergency Property Repairs

When natural disaster strikes homes and businesses, the result can often leave a trail of destruction and serious expenses for the property owners. When the unfortunate and unexpected happens, you can trust in Pinnacle Services to get your building safe and fully functional at a moment’s notice with our 24/7 Disaster Repair Service.

On a related note, if unexpected mold growth catches you by surprise, Pinnacle Services is your go-to source for emergency mold mitigation and structural repair. Our trained technicians will perform an accurate assessment, establish the extent of the damage, and employ the best techniques to remove the unwanted growth completely from the premises.

If you are ready to discuss your property needs with Pinnacle Services, give us a call at 877-673-9049 today!